Start locally

Isn’t it interesting how far we’ll go to extend a helping hand?  Think about it – people will donate generously to world hunger relief, and walk by a homeless person in their neighborhood.  We’ve sent incalculable amounts of money to rebuild villages in foreign countries, yet parts of New Orleans still remain in ruins.  It’s ironic, but we omit the opportunities before us in pursuit of those beyond.

The Samaritan woman, however, had the right approach.  When she accepted the Gospel invitation, she immediately ran to share it with others.  Where did she go?  She didn’t book a first-class flight to Africa, Asia, or Europe.  Instead, she went back to her village to start witnessing.  She refused to let her family and friends miss this golden opportunity.

Though we’re called to spread the Gospel to the ends of the world, let’s not forget about our unsaved friends and relatives.  A former Pastor at my church used to say, “Hell is too hot, and heaven is too much to miss.”  Let’s make sure our friends and relatives make it heaven!

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