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We recently experienced a global pandemic, economic volatility, political unrest, and racial injustice.  One or more of these challenges may have overcast your optimism.  Tough times often make the future seem bleak.

Faith, however, is the lens that helps us see beyond what we see.  Faith highlights hope in hopelessness.  It helps us live now like we know where we’re headed.  My book, Have Incredible Faith, will help your outlook trend upward toward Jesus, for He is more powerful than anything we face.  

“If you have never activated your faith, you will be encouraged to plug in.  If your faith is dormant, you will be challenged to resurrect it.  If you are exercising your faith, you will be inspired to stretch out even farther on it” (Reginald Hinton Sr., from the Foreword).

Purchase Have Incredible Faith.  This book will help you trust God and triumph, no matter your trial.


An Allman Brothers Band lyric features these words, “They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad.  Lord, and Wednesday’s worse, and Thursday’s all so bad.”  Does this sound like your life?  Do you have trouble finding the bright spot in each day?  If you do, then your days are far from where they have the potential to be.

God, who provides every day you live, wants so much more for you.  He does not want you to putter through each day in a constant state of misery.  He wants you to enjoy each day, maximizing all of the pleasantries He invested therein.

Have an Incredible Day features 30 ways to enjoy each day.  It’s derived from the Word of God and includes practical ways to thrive while preparing for each day, dealing with people, or experiencing delays in your progress.  It also includes reflection questions to help you discover what may be hindering you from enjoying each day.

You will enjoy this book.  Get your copy today, and you will experience all of the incredible days God wants you to have!


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