Do whatever it takes!

Jeff Connors, Assistant Athletic Director for Strength and Conditioning at UNC Chapel Hill, said you have to do something you’ve never done to get something you’ve never had.  In other words, you have to do whatever it takes to get the results you desired.  Sometimes, you have to act like Nike when they released the Air Jordans in 1984.  Although the NBA fined Michael Jordan $5,000 each time he wore the shoes, Nike absorbed the cost.  Why?  They realized that the results would make the temporary discomfort worthwhile.

Sometimes, you have to employ uncharacteristic behaviors to receive uncharacteristic results.  Bartimaeus, the man featured in Mark 10:46-52 behaved uncharacteristically to get what he wanted.  His actions were so unorthodox that the crowd tried to calm him down.  When he heard that Jesus was nearby, he screamed as loud as he could to get His attention.  Maybe he had heard that “… everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved …” (Joel 2:32, New Living Translation) and was willing to test the Word.  He shouted until Jesus noticed him, and what a great decision this was!  Jesus gave him the healing he desired.

The Word of God contains answers to every problem you face.  But, are you willing to do what it says?  Bartimaeus’ story proves that if we do whatever He says, we’ll receive whatever He promised.  I encourage you – do whatever it takes to get the blessing you want from God!

Go after it!

How do you respond to good news?  What if I told you about the opportunity of a lifetime?  What if I told you that your favorite store was having the sale of the millennium – 99% off of everything, and an extra 10% off when you get to the cash register?  Would you call the store, verify the report, and ask how many items remained in stock?  Or, would you wait until a trustworthy friend or relative came back rejoicing over the great deals he or she found?

The woman with the issue of blood heard some good news, and I love her response.  She didn’t check the qualifications needed to access the blessing.  She was broke, yet she didn’t worry if she could afford the blessing.  She also didn’t wait for confirmation that the news was true.  As soon as she heard about Jesus, she went after Him!  By faith, she believed that one touch from Jesus could end a lifetime of suffering.

So, I really do have good news for you – there is a solution to the problems you’re facing.  Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28, New Living Translation).  So, what will you do with this good news?  I encourage you to follow this woman’s example and go after your deliverance.  We can’t go to Him in person, but we can reach Him through prayer.  Give it to Jesus, and He’ll fix it for you!

Help is on the way!

The Bible firmly asserts that waiting is advantageous: “But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength …” (Isaiah 40:31, New King James Version).  Sometimes, however, our problems can last so long that we forget this promise.  We often shift our focus to the length of our patience, and even assume that God has forgotten our address.  But what happens when God is ready to fulfill His Word in your life?  What would you do if you knew today was the last day you’d be anxious, broke, depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, or troubled?

The man featured in John 5:1-9 knows how it feels to be weary while waiting.  He waited 38 years to be free, but freedom never came.  Worse, he had front row seats while others received the blessing he desired.  But just when the man thought he’d never be healed, Jesus showed up.  He has a way of showing up, not when we want Him, but always on time.  When He arrived, Jesus granted him the freedom he desired.

Maybe you feel like the man in John 5:1-9: life is passing by, and it seems like you’ll never escape the problem you’re currently facing.  I have good news for you – help is on the way!  God is too good to leave you hanging now.  Hold on, and don’t give up!