Let GOD lead

I wrote about the professional development conference I attended on Monday (4.28), and I learned another valuable lesson that same day.  This lesson occurred in route to the conference.  It was a smooth journey, no accidents or traffic, and the navigation system in my car had been flawless.  As I approached the final destination, however, pride took over, and I made a wrong turn, against the navigation system’s advice.  If I had let the navigation system lead, then could have avoided being aggravated and wasting precious fuel. 🙂

It also pays to let GOD lead.  That’s the theme of today’s text.  Joshua and the Israelites had arrived at the Jordan River, an intimidating and unfamiliar area.  Rather than trust their navigational instincts, Joshua commanded the priests to “lift up the Ark of the Covenant and lead the people across the river.”  The Ark of the Covenant was the location of Moses’ stone tablets (GOD’S WORD) and a symbol of GOD’S presence.  By asking the priests to lift the Ark of the Covenant up, Joshua positioned the people to be led by GOD.

GOD is the supreme leader, for HE’S the only leader who can see the beginning and end simultaneously.  The old saints welcomed HIS leadership; they sang, “Lead me, guide me, along the way.  LORD if you lead me, I will not stray.”  In these times of uncertainty, make sure you let GOD lead.

HE’S worth following …