The show is not over!

A recent WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) pay-per-view inspired today’s recharge.  I watched the highlights from “Judgment Day,” and the match between Batista and the Undertaker caught my attention.  Batista executed his finishing move as the match neared the conclusion, and it looked like a sure victory.  Miraculously, however, the Undertaker avoided the pin fall by sitting upright before the 3-count.  The Undertaker’s actions proved that the show wasn’t over.

JESUS found HIMSELF in a predicament like the Undertaker’s in today’s text.  Before the scripture listed above, JESUS had acknowledged Jerusalem’s hopeless plight (see Luke 19:41-44), and victory seemed certain for Satan.  Immediately thereafter, however, JESUS garnered the strength to resume HIS assignment.  JESUS expelled the merchants who had defiled GOD’S temple, proving that the show wasn’t over.

Today’s recharge is a plea to weary soldiers – keep on fighting!  I don’t know what seems hopeless in your life, but I encourage you to resurrect your will and fight back!  Show the devil that the show is not over!

We’re more than conquerors …