Salvation is free!

One of the memorable events of 2008 happened yesterday (5.22.08).  Idearc Media, the parent company of the Verizon Yellow Pages and, gave $40 gas cards to 200 Durham residents.  I’ll admit – I haven’t seen excitement like that in quite some time.  One customer was so excited that she arrived at 4:30AM to secure her place in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

It’s exciting to get free gas, especially considering the recent spike in prices, but gas eventually runs out.  There is a free gift, however, that has been giving for over 2000 years.  It’s GOD’S gift to the world – JESUS CHRIST, our segue to salvation.  The verse cited above is JESUS’ salvation commercial. HE said GOD loved us so much, had such compassion for our predicament, that HE sent JESUS to help.  And this free gift won’t expire, for it leads to eternal life!

Part of our Christian responsibility is to share this good news with others.  During the upcoming holiday weekend, take time to remind someone that salvation is still free!

Be blessed …