You’ll be OK!

I work at one of the fitness centers at UNC Chapel Hill, a facility where accidents are always possible.  In anticipation of such incidents, we train our staff in American Red Cross CPR, AED, and First Aid.  The point of the training is not to frighten our staff with the possibility of accidents.  Instead, we train our staff so they’ll respond competently and confidently to any circumstance.

That’s JESUS’ intention in today’s recharge.  The words cited above are the conclusion of one of the more difficult lessons the disciples received.  Prior to this verse, JESUS forewarned the disciples that danger was certain in the near future.  HIS purpose was not to scare them away from their duties; rather, JESUS spoke to enlarge their faith in HIM.  JESUS said, “Don’t worry when trouble comes because I’ve already conquered every obstacle you’ll face.”

Since GOD’S WORD is timeless, we can enjoy the same confidence today!  If you have CHRIST in your life, then you’ll be OK, no matter what you face!

YOU can do all things through CHRIST …