The Word hasn’t changed!

I’ve been looking for a car adapter for my iPod for quite some time, and yesterday, the search ended.  I finally found it at Target, but I almost didn’t purchase it.  The device seemed so simple, and inexpensive, that I thought it wouldn’t work.  Even though I had doubts, I bought it, plugged it into my iPod, and to my delight, it worked like a charm!

Sometimes our problems can be so stressful or enduring that we think it will take ages to be delivered.  We can encounter situations so overwhelming that we look past the simple solution.  But just like the car adapter for my iPod, the answer to all of our problems is simple and inexpensive – it’s the Word of God.  An excerpt from one of my favorite songs by the Jackson Southernaires summarizes it best: “… the answer to your problems, if you haven’t heard, it’s all in the Word.”

The best news about the Word is that it hasn’t changed.  It will still prosper everywhere it goes.  I’m a witness that the Word works.  If you have problems, God has answers.  Get in the Word, and let Him reveal the solution to you.