“Trust Him” – Insight from Joseph

I had an interesting trip back from the mountains in Virginia. The first few miles were smooth sailing. Later, however, my GPS led me down a different road. The farther I traveled, the more unfamiliar the roads looked. Since the roads were so unfamiliar, I started to ask some questions:

“Should I turn around?”

“Does this GPS know where it’s taking me?”

“Did I just lose my signal?”

Oftentimes, God is like my GPS. His path to our destiny is a lot different than we anticipate. Consider Joseph. His destiny was the palace, yet the first street on his journey was a cistern (pit). I can think of several paths to the palace, and none of them include a pit. Yet God, in infinite wisdom, took Joseph that way. Even though the start didn’t seem right, God knew it would end at the right destination.

Now, back to my story. What did I do? I trusted the GPS and returned from Virginia faster than I had arrived. The same is true when we trust God. We’ll end up where we’re supposed to faster than if we tried to get there alone. If He’s leading your journey, trust Him. You will get to your destiny safely.