“It Will Be Worth It” – Insight from Psalms

My fiance, her mom, a family friend, and I rode a ski lift to the top of the mountains we visited in Virginia. On our way back down, another group of vacationers asked us, “Was it worth it?” In unison, we replied, “Yes!” Although the journey to the top of the mountain was cold and blustery, the view from the peak made it all worthwhile.

In the midst of our struggles and tough experiences, the journey seldom seems worthwhile. Arduous or stressful are more appropriate adjectives to describe how we often feel. This is because it’s hard to tell who we’re becoming in the “fire” (process). When the smoke clears, however, we think otherwise. Like the psalmist, we can announce: “It was good for me …”

Maybe you’re still in a process; God hasn’t finished with you just yet. Hang in there. The “cocoon” you’re experiencing will be worth it when you become a butterfly.