“Talk to Him” – Insight from Paul

Earlier this week, one of my employees stopped by my office to talk. The interaction had all the signs of an emotional, lengthy conversation: tears were welling up in her eyes, she thought she had failed a test, and everything was “wrong” in her life. Shortly after she began talking, however, the tears dried up and she started smiling. I didn’t do anything special. She really needed someone to talk to, and I just listened.

Tough experiences can be stressful. Sometimes, you want to jump off the deep end. Thankfully, we have someone we can talk to when life seems unbearable. In Philippians 4:6, Paul literally says, “Instead of worrying, talk to Jesus.” When we share how we’re feeling with Jesus, Paul also notes that He’ll give us peace that doesn’t make natural sense (see Philippians 4:7).

Now, back to my employee. Later that day, she received good news – she didn’t fail her test! Everything worked out, though she initially thought otherwise. You can expect the same results with Jesus. When you talk to Him, everything will work out for your good!