Looks can be deceiving. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

I love Target; it’s my store of choice for bargain shopping.  On a recent visit, I noticed a clearance rack for shampoo.  I saw my favorite shampoo on the rack, and immediately, I grabbed a bottle and put it in my cart.  Later, I discovered I had been fooled. 🙂  While the shampoo was on sale, it wasn’t at the price I assumed.  Looks were deceiving.

Somewhere in life, you’ll probably draw an inaccurate conclusion about something you see.  That’s John the Baptist’s testimony.  He was anointed to prepare the way for JESUS, yet many people rejected his message.  Most had hard hearts, but another sect couldn’t get past his looks.  He looked impoverished, but his message was empowering.

GOD can use whomever HE pleases, so don’t let looks deter you.  The best advice you’ve ever received may come from a “book” that you’ve prejudged.

Be blessed …