Give GOD your best.

Yet another experience remains etched in my memory.  I was in the 11th grade, and I’d welcomed more activities than I could handle. Unfortunately, my grades slipped, and for the first time in my life, I received a “C” in a class.  When my dad saw my report card, he asked, “Did you do your best?”  I quickly replied yes, but deep inside, I knew it wasn’t true.  I was devastated, for I knew I hadn’t met my father’s expectations or given my best effort.

Just as my dad expected excellence, so does GOD.  In the text cited above, HE required a male animal with no defects.  In other words, GOD wanted the Israelites to offer the best sacrifices possible.  HE expects the same of us today, so give GOD your best.

And, GOD leads by example.  HE gave us HIS best – HIS SON, Jesus Christ (John 3:16) – to compel us to do the same.  What an awesome GOD HE is!