Keep GOD in the proper place.

An old love ballad says, “Fellas if you keep her first, you won’t have to worry about your girl.”  Here, Dave Hollister reveals a rule of thumb he’d discovered in his marriage.  If he prioritized his wife, then the relationship progressed smoothly.  What a discovery!

Ironically, our relationship with GOD prospers when HE’S in the right place.  In the text cited above, the Israelites built their homes around the Tabernacle – the location and symbol of GOD’S presence.  In other words, HE was in the center of their affairs.  Where is HE in your life?

Often, we consider GOD as an after-thought – after we’ve exhausted our finite faculties.  We’d be wise, however, to keep GOD intertwined in all we do – church, family, and work.  And, if you prioritize GOD, HE’LL take care of you!  Observe the following public service announcement from JESUS: “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:33, New Living Translation).

Continue having a blessed day, on purpose …