Serving GOD isn’t a one man show.

In 1992, NBA fans witnessed a stellar athletic performance.  That year, the Chicago Bulls faced the Portland Trailblazers in the NBA Finals, and Sports Illustrated listed Clyde Drexler as Michael Jordan’s number one rival.  Early in Game 1, Portland seized a commanding lead, making 7 of their first 8 shots, and all seemed hopeless for Chicago.  Suddenly, Michael put the team on his back; he scored 35 points in the first half, including 6 three-pointers.  What a one man show!

Serving the LORD is never a one man show; in fact, there’s always room for help.  The text cited above notes that 8,580 men were involved in Tabernacle service and transportation!  And, they all had an assignment.  Note the underlying message in this recharge: together, everyone achieves more!

While on earth, JESUS prayed for more ministry workers (see Matthew 9:37-38).  HIS plea stands today.  What is your assignment from GOD, and more importantly, are you busy completing your FATHER’S business?