Nothing satisfies like JESUS!

I love Nakato Express, a restaurant in Cary, NC that specializes in Japanese cuisine.  When I go, I usually order the Hibachi chicken and steak, and they usually pile it up. 🙂  Although they serve large portions, I’m usually hungry again within an hour of eating the food.  While the food is filling for the moment, it’s unable to satisfy my appetite permanently.

JESUS, on the other hand, is completely and consistently filling, and that’s the message in today’s text.  JESUS’ response listed above is an excerpt from HIS conversation with the woman from Sychar, Samaria.  They talked about water, and in HIS usual fashion, JESUS gave her a life lesson from an earthly illustration.  HE said, “If you drink natural (well) water, you’ll be thirsty again.  But, my gift will quench your thirst forever.”  The “water” HE described was HIS SPIRIT (presence), and when we accept HIM, HE’LL supply all our needs.

Don’t settle for cheap substitutes that momentarily satisfy your needs.  Instead, accept the ONE who can satisfy your existential and eternal needs.

HE’S all you need …