Keep GOD first

Rule 1: Keep GOD first

Last week I had some very interesting experiences; in retrospect, it seems like GOD was trying to tell me something.  Last Thursday I noticed a church van with “GOD FIRST” in large, bold letters.  Yesterday at church my Pastor said, “GOD doesn’t want our leftovers; HE wants to be our priority.”  In a subtle way, I think GOD was reminding me to keep HIM first in my life.

It’s no coincidence that the first commandment given to GOD’S chosen people was “You must not have any other god but me.”  In other words, GOD said, “Keep me first in your life.”  Keeping GOD first means making HIM a priority; nothing should be more important – or claim more our our attention – than GOD.  And if anyone deserves our undivided attention, it’s GOD, for HE alone delivers and protects us!

We must remember that we’re not our own – GOD made us for HIS glory, and HE purchased us with a price.  So rather than live each day by your to-do list, ask GOD what’s on HIS agenda for you.

Keep GOD first …