Don’t compromise

TIP 2: Don’t compromise

An episode of Between Brothers – starring Kadeem Hardison, Tommy Davidson, Dondre’ T. Whitfield, and Kelly Perine – came to mind as I considered the main point of today’s recharge.  Charles Winston (Kadeem Hardison) had received an interview for a job with a major publication.  One of his ex-girlfriends conducted the first interview, and she clearly expressed how Winston could secure the job.  If he’d be intimate with her, then the job was his.  Despite numerous invitations, Winston refused to give in.  He wouldn’t compromise his standards to secure an employment opportunity.

Refusing to compromise is a sure way to do right in a “do wrong” world.  That’s what Daniel did in the text cited above.  King Darius had signed a decree forbidding prayer to GOD.  Daniel could have compromised his standards, but he refused.  Prayer had worked wonders in his life, and he refused to abandon GOD now!

Opportunities to do wrong will always be abundant, but you don’t have to accept the invitation.  Don’t compromise your values to advance professionally or fit in, because each compromise makes the next compromise easier.

Don’t compromise …