HE never stopped … Praying

The words of a classic Gospel song say, “Somebody prayed for me, had me on their mind, took some time and prayed for me.”  It’s a joy to know that someone mentions your name in their prayers.  Prayer is like divine mathematics: it can add strength, subtract sorrows, multiply blessings, and divide demonic forces.  No wonder another song notes, “Prayer will change things for you.”  It’s certain – when someone prays for you, they have your best interest in mind.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that CHRIST prays for us?  Peter, the bold and impulsive apostle, discovered this reality in the text cited above.  As JESUS enjoyed the Last Supper with HIS apostles, HE warned Peter of some tough experiences ahead.  HE told Peter that Satan sought his demise; he wanted to abort Peter’s purpose prematurely.  But JESUS assured Peter that HIS prayers were with him.  And JESUS was so confident in HIS prayer that HE told Peter, “When you make it through your trial, come back and encourage your brothers.”

JESUS is definitely the best candidate to pray for us.  HE has a great relationship with GOD the FATHER, and HE knows us better than anyone else.  Plus, HIS track record is unblemished; everything HE does succeeds!

JESUS still prays, and you’re on HIS prayer list …