HE never stopped … Caring

As I considered today’s recharge, the disciples infamous inquiry came to mind: “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re going to drown?” (Mark 4:38, New Living Translation)  When JESUS is “asleep” on your ship – unresponsive to your concerns – it’s easy to think HE doesn’t care.  We might not admit it, but there are times when we feel like JESUS doesn’t care.  For example, it’s easy to conclude HE doesn’t care when our endurance evaporates, yet HE delays rescuing us.

Imagine how Martha must have felt in this text.  She called JESUS as soon as her brother became ill, but JESUS took HIS time coming to Lazarus’ rescue.  As a matter of fact, HE took so long that Lazarus died.  Imagine Martha’s frustrations in the interim, “But LORD, I thought you cared.  If YOU cared, then how could YOU let YOUR friend die?”  No wonder Martha’s first words were, “LORD, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died,” rather than, “Thank you for coming JESUS; I knew YOU would show up!”  But if Martha had doubts, JESUS proved that HE never stopped caring.  HE cared so much that HE came, cried, and called for death to release Lazarus.

I’ve learned that when GOD delays HIS response, it doesn’t mean HE doesn’t care.  Sometimes, HE waits to give us a new revelation – that nothing is too hard for HIM.  HE cares so much that HE won’t let us be ignorant of HIS power.

JESUS still cares.  Wait on HIM!