Come back running

Game 6 of the 1992 NBA Finals was a stressful situation for me: Michael Jordan, my favorite basketball player, had one of his worst games ever.  Jordan’s problem was fatigue – the physical demands of the series had him in the full nelson.  In the third quarter, Phil Jackson benched Jordan for what seemed like an eternity.  Rather than pout, Michael made the best of a bad situation – he drank some Gatorade and recharged his battery.  When he returned in the fourth quarter, he hit the court running.  The Bulls won the game and series partly because of Jordan’s stellar fourth quarter performance.

When you get your second wind, it makes sense to come back running.  When GOD breaks Satan’s submission hold on your spirit, you owe it to yourself to come back, determined to win!  That’s what Elijah did in today’s text.  Once he received instructions and inspiration from GOD, he resumed his race with passion.  He pursued his mission as if the pandemonium in the wilderness never happened.

After you make it through the storm, pick up where you left off.  Schedule a rematch with the enemy, and give him a fight he’ll never forget.  Come back running after everything Satan stole from you!

Be blessed …