Press on to your healing

My girlfriend and I remodeled a bathroom in my parents’ house last week.  It was an arduous task, and near the end of the project, I got frustrated.  We were replacing some of the fixtures, and they wouldn’t cooperate.  I wanted to quit, but something inside kept saying, “Press on!”  So I did, and sure enough, we finished the project within our allotted time frame.

The woman featured in this text also had an empowering voice working within her.  She had exhausted her resources for 12 years, seeking relief from her suffering.  One day, someone told her about JESUS, and her revelation became her theme song.  She kept telling herself, “If I can just touch HIS robe, I will be healed.”  And she was right; the voice within brought her straight to her miracle!

I’m writing to someone who’s hearing THE VOICE inside – it’s true, everything WILL be alright!  GOD laid this on my heart in 2006, and I think it’s a fitting conclusion to this email.  Enjoy …

When the storms of life arise, endure.
If it doesn’t engulf you, it will empower you.
If you don’t drown, you’ll be delivered.
If you don’t faint, you’ll finish.
Don’t let frustrations destroy your faith!

Press on to your miracle!