Think like a winner!

I enjoyed watching the 2008 summer Olympics, Usain Bolt in particular.  I was blown away by his speed; he made world-class athletes look like amateurs.  As I reflected on his performances, I couldn’t help pondering his mindset during the Olympics.  I wondered how Bolt, who barely qualified for the Olympics, pressed on to rise from obscurity to international stardom.  I wondered what gave him the courage to run in the 100- and 200-meter sprints when the 400-meter was his specialty.  I haven’t interviewed him yet, but I bet he thought like a winner; he believed in his ability to succeed!

It pays to think like a winner, and that’s what David did in this text.  If you’re familiar with this story, then you know he had numerous reasons to doubt – his brothers and kinsmen were scared, Goliath (the Philistine referenced above) was nearly twice his size, and he had no experience in military conquest.  David’s faith, however, wouldn’t let him yield to cowardice; instead of thinking like a chicken, he thought like a champion.  Notice the confidence in his statement, “Today the LORD will conquer you, and I will kill you and cut off your head.”  David thought like a winner, and he did win; by the power of GOD, David killed Goliath!

Every now and then, you have to align your thoughts with your beliefs.  When the devil whispers doubt-filled nothings in your ear, respond like a champion: “I am what GOD says I am; I can do what GOD says I can.”  So if you want victory, think victoriously; we are what we think!

Be blessed …