Try it!

Have you ever heard or seen something so exciting that you had to try it?  I saw it happen to a man featured on an infomercial I watched last Saturday.  The infomercial was for a commercial grade tool that can handle any home improvement project.  The man on the infomercial was so impressed with the tool that he had to try it.  And he really tried it; he used the tool and finished a two-hour job in a few minutes!

I felt just like this man when I heard a message preached from the text cited above.  In context, this verse is the conclusion of a prayer, but if you read it slowly, it contains some powerful insight.  Paul, who wrote this text, basically said, “Our GOD can do above and beyond our wildest imaginations when HIS power is at work in us.”  Since our faith activates HIS power in us, we can also draw this conclusion: GOD can do more than we have faith to ask for.  And when I understood that, I got so excited that I wanted to try it!

GOD left this word on record for a reason, and highlighting Paul’s eloquence in prayer wasn’t the exclusive purpose.  I think HE left it for us to try HIM, to put our faith in action and ask HIM for great things.  Remember, God is not a man, so he does not lie (Numbers 23:19, New Living Translation), so let’s try it!  Ask GOD for great things, and watch HIM work!

Be blessed …