Just talk

I started reading Share Jesus without Fear yesterday, and on page 11, one sentence leaped off the page: “What is your greatest fear about witnessing?”  I thought of a few answers but really settled on one: not knowing what to say.  I mean seriously, how do you start a conversation about JESUS.  Do you just walk up to someone and say, “Hello.  My name is (insert your name), and I’d like to tell you about JESUS.”  Or, do you employ the “fire and brimstone” approach: “Accept JESUS, or go to hell!”  I think not knowing what to say hinders a lot of people from witnessing.

I really enjoyed reading the verse above, for it shows the ease with which you can witness.  JESUS just talked to the Samaritan woman, and an opportunity to witness emerged.  HE didn’t initiate the conversation with heavy theology.  A simple request got the ball rolling: “Please give me a drink.”  And this request paved the way for her salvation.

The point of this recharge is to show you how simple witnessing can be.  You don’t need a script or a collection of catch phrases.  Just talk, and be sensitive to the opportunities that arise.  I guarantee: the people with whom you converse will give you an opportunity to plug JESUS in!

Be blessed …