Don’t trust your mind!

Several current events have shown me how fragile our minds really are.  Just think about it.  If you received news of a forthcoming gas shortage, you might rush to the gas station, even if you’ve only used 1/4 of a full tank.  If you heard the interest rate on your savings account would soon plummet, you might withdraw all your money and keep it between your mattresses.  Our minds are such infidels; they’ll welcome fear immediately after embracing faith.

Speaking of our minds, GOD said, “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” (Isaiah 55:8, New Living Translation).  Maybe that’s why Solomon boldly concludes that we should leave our minds on the shelf: “… do not depend on your own understanding.”  Instead of trusting the memoirs of our minds, Solomon said we should trust GOD.  Why?  GOD is the only one who can see the beginning and the end at the same time.  And like a good navigation system, HE’LL lead us to our destination.

This recharge is a reminder that our minds are too unstable to trust; therefore, we should depend wholly on the source of stability – GOD.  I’ll conclude this recharge with some thoughts GOD shared with me several years ago.  May these words inspire you to leave your understanding in pursuit of GOD’S.

Lose your mind, and embrace the mind of GOD.
Our minds constrain; GOD’S mind constructs.
Our thoughts restrict; GOD’S thoughts release.
Replace your mind with HIS, and watch the impossible quickly become possible!