Volunteer for GOD!

Volunteerism is one of our society’s expressions of selflessness, and its especially prevalent during the election season.  Countless people offer their energy and time to advance political agendas and awareness.  Whether it’s distributing voter registration documents, posting campaign advertisements in their yards, or passing out “I voted” stickers, people rush to fulfill their civic duties.

Though the volunteer line for political involvement is abundant, the volunteer line for serving GOD is slim.  As CHRIST’S return approaches, people seem less likely or willing to work for GOD.  Paul, however, reminds us that working for GOD should be at the top of our volunteer opportunities list.  Notice what he says, “… give your bodies to GOD …”; that is, offer it willingly, without coercion.  Then, he gives us a great incentive to do so: “… because of all he has done for you.”  CHRIST willingly gave HIS life for us; therefore, it is our reasonable duty to give ours back to HIM.

This recharge is a call to action: volunteer for GOD!  Like the colt in Matthew 21:2, the LORD has an assignment for you.  Will you answer the call?

Volunteer for GOD.  The rewards are eternal!