GOD awards numerous chances!

America has been nicknamed “The Land of Opportunity,” and many people migrate here for that reason.  But Americans who have made mistakes might label this country “The Land of Restrictions,” for their opportunities are limited.  For example, convicted felons lose their right to vote, and after they complete their sentences, potential employers will review their application for employment skeptically.  Or consider the list of fallen celebrities – Richard Nixon, Jesse Jackson, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, Don Imus, and Martha Stewart – fan favorites one minute, most hated the next.  Some people will never forgive them for their mistakes.  It’s sad, but glaringly true: one mistake can ruin you permanently.

Aren’t you glad that GOD isn’t fickle like people?  When we mess up, HE’S still faithful: “The faithful love of the LORD never ends!”  Instead of abandoning us, HE gives us another day, another opportunity to fulfill our purpose.  No wonder Jeremiah observed, “HIS mercies begin afresh each morning.”  And notice that mercies is plural!  In other words, GOD awards us numerous opportunities to get it right!

We can thank GOD for a lot of things, but we should thank HIM for one thing – HIS mercy.  Every day you live is another mercy and a sign that HE hasn’t lost faith in you.  HIS mercies never cease; thank GOD for numerous chances!