The Word makes us strong!

Remember the milk commercials?  If you didn’t like milk, then they did everything possible to persuade you otherwise.  Before the “Got Milk” campaign, the catch phrase was “Milk does a body good.”  The commercials continually reminded you that drinking milk would lead to stronger bones and muscles.  And to prove it, they showed footage of people whose bodies improved significantly after drinking milk.

If milk strengthens the body, then what strengthens our spirits?  Jesus ends all speculation in the verse cited above – the Word makes us strong.  Notice that the Word will not handcuff us and infuse us with strength; rather, we must put forth some effort.  Jesus said we must read and obey the Word if we want strength.  In other words, if we put the Word in action, then it will anchor us in the storms of life.

Since we’re living in an economic storm, I thought I’d remind you that the Word makes us strong.  God promised to supply our needs (see Philippians 4:19), even in tough times (see Psalm 37:19), so start looking for your bail out.  Thank God for His strength-giving, unchanging, appetite satisfying Word!