You’re His masterpiece!

Have you ever met someone who loved her/his car?  I’ve met a couple, but my co-worker tops the list.  He loves his car so much that he washes it every day!  Even when it snowed a few weeks ago, his car looked like it should have been on a dealership’s showroom floor.  The time he spends detailing his car makes one thing apparent: he loves his car!

As my co-worker loves his car, God loves you.  God loves you so much that according to Paul, you’re His masterpiece!  In other words, God spends time thinking about how to make you better.  He gives you new days, hoping you’ll dot a few more “I’s” and cross a few more “T’s.”  He carefully places hills and valleys in your path to increase your faith and develop your patience.  And when life gets rough, He knows how to lead you to green pastures and still waters.

It’s amazing that God, who’s so busy running the universe, takes time to think about us.  What a loving God He is!