Give your way out!

The current financial crisis has made many people restrict, and even cease, their spending.  Many people have vowed allegiance to their budget, and they refuse to spend money on anything they don’t need.  Sadly, tithes and offering are line items that fall off the essential needs budget.  Choosing not to give to God may seem profitable at first, but trust me, it’s one of the worst decisions you can make.  Not only is it robbing God of the glory He deserves, but it removes your cup from His fountain of blessings.

The widow Elijah met at Zarephath was almost guilty of stinginess.  God had commanded her to give to Elijah (see 1 Kings 17:9), but she had some reservations.  She had completed some calculations, and she concluded that the same resources Elijah requested could also feed her and her son.  But Elijah shared some insight that sealed her obedience: “… the God of Israel says: There will always be flour and olive oil left in your containers until the time when the Lord sends rain and the crops grow again!” (1 Kings 17:14, New Living Translation).  After she gave to Elijah, her resources never ran out!

This recharge is a reminder that you can give your way out of a crisis.  It’s not the amount of our gifts that secure God’s blessings, rather, it’s our obedience to giving!  God rewards obedience abundantly, for He said, “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple.  If you do … I will open the windows of heaven for you.  I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in!  Try it!  Put me to the test!” (Malachi 3:10, New Living Translation)  Give your way out!