Save for a rainy day!

Our economic woes are to blame for a lot of the problems we face.  Losing your job, home, or investment account will make life a little less exciting.  But for some people, the economic woes are the scapegoat for their own mistakes.  Some people were in a jam before the economy plunged.  They thought life would always be good and lived above their means.  Now, they’re over their heads in debt, wondering if there’s any way out.

The Egyptians were addicted to spending, and it nearly led to their demise.  Though Joseph, the speaker in today’s recharge, advised them to save for the rainy days ahead, they didn’t listen.  They thought the ground would yield increase every year, but they found out otherwise.  They were in such a mess that they had to sell their cattle, land, and even themselves just to eat during the famine.  Ironically, their peril could have been avoided if they had only listened to Joseph.

I’m not sure about you, but given the current economic woes, I’m willing, and excited, to accept Joseph’s antidote.  It’s really simple, too – save 20%, live off the remaining 80%.  And, of the 20% saved, give 10% to God.  Try it, and watch God sustain you during the famine.