God will rekindle your fire!

An old hemorrhoid medication commercial came to mind as I thought about today’s recharge.  To prove the soothing power of their product, the company struck a match and quenched the flame with the medicated pad.  Some of us are just like that match: something or someone has quenched our “fire” for our jobs.  You used to report for work early and work diligently, but now, you hope to make it in before closing.  You used to leap for assignments when volunteers were recruited, but now, the words “Can someone please ….” make you sink in your seat.

Jeremiah, the prophet featured in the verses cited above, knew how it felt to be burned out.  Jeremiah had so many “headaches” on his job that he wanted to quit.  He’d grown tired of the reproach and ridicule; he was sick of suffering for pursuing excellence.  At the peak of his frustrations, however, Jeremiah found something that rekindled his passion.  The Word of God prevented him from throwing in the towel when he really wanted to.

If you’re burned out, then let this word encourage you – hang in there!  God specializes in resuscitation, and He can bring life back to your job.  If he did it for Jeremiah, then He can do it for you!