Make a comeback!

In 1994, I witnessed one of the greatest college basketball games I can recall.  The Kentucky Wildcats faced the LSU Tigers, and LSU got off to a great start.  They scored so efficiently that they led Kentucky by 31 points early in the second half, 68 – 37.  I’m not sure if Rick Pitino, Kentucky’s head coach, or some of the players led the movement, but Kentucky turned over a new leaf in the second half.  They scored and defended, and eventually, they erased the 31 point lead.  Kentucky outscored LSU 62 – 27 in the final 15:34 of the game and won 99 – 95!

In the parable of the lost (or prodigal) son, the younger son got off to a horrible start.  Temptation got the best of him, and he spent all he had fulfilling his passions.  At halftime, however, the younger son started thinking like a winner.  Although victory looked impossible, he decided to make a comeback: “I will go home to my father …” (Luke 15:18, New Living Translation).  And what a comeback it was!  He came home to victory indeed – a grand reception, and he was the guest of honor.

The Kentucky Wildcats, the younger son, and my own experiences have taught me that it’s never too late to make a comeback.  Truthfully, it’s not how you start the game; rather, it’s how you finish.  If you’ve taken a detour on your road to destiny, then don’t give up.  Make a comeback and show the enemy that you’re a winner!