You survived for a reason!

Josh Hamilton, star outfielder for the Texas Rangers, survived a career-threatening drug addiction; Len Bias, a star forward for the Maryland Terrapins, was not as fortunate.  Michael Jordan survived a gambling scandal; Pete Rose was not as fortunate.  George Foreman left boxing with no side effects; Muhammad Ali did not.  Bill Clinton worked through an extra-marital affair; Governor Mark Sanford may not.

Ever wondered why some people survive situations that consume others?  If you rewind the highlight reel of your life, you probably benefited from circumstances that baffled others.  Why?  Why did you make it out of a neighborhood where the life expectancy was so low?  Why did you graduate from college with pocket change in your savings account?  Why have you excelled on a job that has other people pulling their hair out?  Why are you a star and not a statistic?

Just like Moses, you survived for a reason.  Moses should have died in the Nile River or from the strenuous labor conditions in Egypt, but he didn’t.  God spared Him to set other people free.  Your survival is bigger than you – God kept you alive to give other people hope!  So, complete your assignment: help someone find freedom from the “Pharaoh” you overcame!