Wait it out!

The story of Jairus and his daughter came to mind as I meditated for today’s recharge.  His daughter was so sick that he thought she would die, so Jairus requested Jesus’ help.  Jesus obliged, and on His way to help, He healed a bankrupt, yet hopeful, woman who had an issue of blood.  After Jairus received the Word and saw proof of Jesus’ power, I’m sure he was very excited and hopeful about his daughter’s deliverance.  Immediately afterward, however, some messengers told him, “Your daughter is dead.  There’s no use troubling the Teacher now” (Mark 5:35, New Living Translation).

What do you do when your reality does not match your revelation?  How do you respond when what you see is drastically different from what God promised?  In Monday’s recharge, Joshua was so excited about the promised land that Caleb and him rallied the Israelites to possess it.  Instead of celebration and consent, Joshua and Caleb received more complaints and some death threats.  But that didn’t stop Joshua and Caleb; they waited on God and eventually entered the promised land.

Maybe you’re living in a season when your circumstances are challenging your faith.  Instead of devising your own solution or throwing in the towel, wait it out, just like Joshua, Caleb, and Jairus.  Remember, “God is not a man, so he does not lie …” (Numbers 23:19, New Living Translation).  If He said it, you can count on it.  He will do just what He said!