He went through hell for you!

I can’t help thanking the people who made life easier for me.  People like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and especially my parents hold a special place in my heart.  It’s not what they did; rather, it’s their willingness to do.  They sacrificed their ambitions to make my life better.  In other words, they didn’t have to, but they did.

The willingness to sacrifice is what makes me love Jesus so much.  Just a reminder – He didn’t have to die for us.  He could have stayed in heaven and enjoyed the adoration of angels, but He didn’t.  He went from riches to rags to reconcile us to God.  He literally went through hell to bring us to heaven.

And maybe you’re just like Jesus.  Maybe you’re going through hell to help someone else.  Let this email encourage you – hang in there.  Your struggle will give someone else strength!

It’s not about you …