You had to get weak

Ever wonder why God allows suffering?  I mean, He is all-powerful and can literally talk our problems away.  Yet, He let’s us feel the fire until we think He doesn’t care.  Wouldn’t He be more of a loving God if He gave us immunity from problems?  Couldn’t He secure our devotion without pain and suffering?

I just came through a very difficult season wherein I asked many of these questions.  In my despair, however, God gave me a revelation I will cherish eternally.  In most restaurants, the waiter will not refill your glass until it’s empty.  It’s not that he or she doesn’t see the liquid depleting; rather, he or she is waiting for the opportune moment to give you a refill.  Likewise, God allows suffering to deplete our strength.  It’s not that He doesn’t see or feel our pain; He’s just waiting for the right moment to refill us.  Therefore, He let’s us get weak and powerless to give us new power and strength!

This email is directed toward people who can’t figure out why God hasn’t rescued you.  It’s a set-up.  You had to get weak, so He can make you strong!  His “… power works best in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9, New Living Translation).