For Road Mercy …

As I drove to work yesterday, I ran into a traffic jam.  Immediately, I knew what the hold up was – an accident.  And, what an accident it was.  The impact of the collision had turned one car around, and it was facing incoming traffic.  As I drove by the debris, I thought about the accident I had last year, around the same time.  It happened so quick, and could have been fatal, but I walked away, injury free.

As I kept driving, I reflected over the past year.  I have been in a car almost every day in 2009, but I haven’t had an accident or a close call.  Why?  Maybe the accident made me a better driver; maybe I keep a safe distance away from the cars in front of me.  Maybe the tires are inflated correctly or the anti-lock brake system is flawless.  Honestly, the same thing that saved my life in 2008 continues to protect me in 2009.  I drive up and down the dangerous highways each day because God gives me road mercy.

I’m so thankful that “… the angel of the Lord is a guard; he surrounds and defends all who fear him” (Psalm 34:7, New Living Translation).  If you’ve traveled anywhere safely this year, whether by bike, car, plane, ship, or train, you’ve benefited from God’s protection.  Who is like the Lord?  Nobody!