He’s So Wonderful …

Today’s recharge title is actually an excerpt from a song by the late Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers – “Wonderful.”  Throughout the song, they remind the listener how wonderful God really is.  As a matter of fact, throughout the majority of the chorus, they repeat wonderful numerous times.  Within the chorus, Sam Cooke says, “I know the Lord is so wonderful.  What about you?”

I’m not sure how you’d answer his question, but I truly believe Jesus is wonderful!  Isaiah wrote it like this, and I couldn’t have said it better myself: “And he will be called: Wonderful …” (Isaiah 9:6, New Living Translation).  Wonderful means “exciting wonder: marvelous, astonishing” (m-w.com), and if you think about His daily responsibilities, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Each day, He rotates the earth on its axis at just over 1,000 mph, but we don’t get motion sickness.  Each year, the earth revolves around the sun, coming close enough to reach temperatures above 90 degrees, but it never plunges into the sun because it’s in His hands.  Currently, approximately 6.8 billion people occupy the earth, and today, He woke them up.  Finally, if all 6.8 billion prayed at the same time, He could hear and answer every prayer!

I could go on indefinitely listing ways that our God is wonderful!  He’s worth admiring, for He does things no one else can.  No wonder Rev. F.C. Barnes sang, “There are so many wonderful things about Jesus.”  Thank God for sending us such a wonderful gift