The Great Governor …

I’m not sure if you follow North Carolina current events, but Governor Beverly Perdue is the center of attention in an epic dispute.  Some inmates received life sentences several years ago, but they could be released from prison.  Proponents have argued that “life” didn’t mean permanent imprisonment when they were sentenced; therefore, they should be released for good behavior.  Governor Perdue, however, has stood firm as an opponent.  She believes the crime justifies the time, and these inmates should continue serving their sentence.

As I considered the power Governor Perdue has to grant or deny this request, I couldn’t help being thankful because Jesus is our governor.  Isaiah said, “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us.  The government will rest on his shoulders …” (Isaiah 9:6, New Living Translation).  Can you imagine how miserable we’d be if God has entrusted His government to someone else?  What if He had given this power to Hitler, Stalin, or someone who really doesn’t like you?  Thankfully, He gave the authority to Jesus, the Prince of Peace and merciful Savior.  When questions about our sentence arose, He gave His life to guarantee a favorable outcome.  Although we deserved death – for all have sinned, and He saw it – He loved and gave us another chance.

Aren’t you glad Jesus is the great Governor?  Better, aren’t you glad His power is eternal (i.e., He doesn’t have to run for re-election).  I’m so glad I have an advocate in heaven, giving me the best, even when I deserve the worst.  Thank you Jesus!