Case Studies: Points from Paul. Stay Focused …

Do you remember driver’s education?  I do.  It was one of the most exciting teenage experiences I can recall.  We learned so much in that class, but one lesson stands above them all – keep your eyes on the road.  In other words, stay focused.  Shifting your attention while behind the wheel could be disastrous for you and other motorists.

God’s extreme makeover is like driving, and the devil is the master of distractions.  He’ll do whatever it takes to shift our focus.  For Paul, he enlisted the help of some “recyclers,” you know, those people who resurrect your past at the most convenient times.  I love Paul because he didn’t let their immature and insensitive comments deter him.  He stayed focused.  In fact, he used their remarks as motivation to succeed.  Acts 9:22 notes that his preaching became more and more powerful after their remarks!

One of my friends wrote this on Facebook, “Only the devil remembers your past … remind him of your future” (thanks Pastor Frank).  Again, the message is clear – stay focused.  When the devil tries to divert your, don’t abandon God’s extreme makeover.  Rather, forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead (see Philippians 3:13-14).