Everyone Is Special …

If you follow professional golf, then I’m sure you saw, or heard about, Tiger Woods’ public apology last Friday.  This was an epic event because it commanded so much attention.  Major broadcasting networks interrupted their normally scheduled programming to cover this press conference.  Many people rearranged their work schedules just to hear what he’d say.  Shockingly, even the Stock Market slowed to listen to Woods speak.  Needless to say, Tiger Woods received special attention last week.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in giving honor where it is due.  But, we must be careful not to honor only the people who look honorable.  That’s James’ point in the verses included above.  He says that if we truly love our neighbors, as much as we love ourselves, then we won’t “play favorites.”  When you love unconditionally, then everyone is special and deserving of your attention.

Can you imagine what kind of world this would be if we treated everyone as special as many treated Tiger Woods last week?  Surely, we’d have less crime, less cases of depression, and fewer incidents of loneliness.  Let’s make the world a better place by treating everyone like they’re special.  Like James said, “… it is good when you obey the royal law as found in the Scriptures: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself'” (James 2:8, New Living Translation).