It Could Happen to Anyone …

My heart goes out to the people in Haiti.  My concern is not rooted exclusively in the recent earthquake.  Rather, I empathize because it seems like they’ve dealt with misfortune more often than not.  Throughout history, Haiti has faced one natural disaster after another.  I’m sure it’s easy for the inhabitants to think Haiti is the only address programmed into misfortune’s GPS.

You can go through situations so rough, and so often, that it seems like you’re the only one going through.  This weekend, however, God reminded me, through the text included above, that trouble has no boundaries.  Elijah was one of God’s favorite people; he was His prophetic vessel sent to destroy the works of darkness and proclaim God’s Word.  Elijah even appeared with Moses and Jesus as the disciples watched the transfiguration.  Despite these accolades, Elijah was not exempt from disaster.  As soon as he had preached one of his best sermons, he received a death threat from Jezebel.

Trouble does not discriminate; it’s an equal opportunity employer.  Even people who love and live for God face difficult times.  During these times, however, we can embrace Peter’s words: “Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are” (1 Peter 5:9,  New Living Translation).  Others have gone through, and conquered, the circumstances you’re facing!