Think Before …

People often say, “Hindsight is 20-20.”  That is, after the fact, our thoughts about a situation are especially clear.  Our thoughts after the fact are so powerful that they often shape our future behaviors.  If hindsight is so beneficial, then why isn’t foresight 20-20?  What if we spent as much time thinking through decisions before we make them as we do after we make them?  I listened to Tiger Woods’ interview with ESPN last weekend; he sounded remorseful and seemed to realize the seriousness of his infidelity.  The interview was after the fact.  Just imagine how much disgrace and heartache he could have prevented by thinking through the consequences before the actions.

What hinders our thinking prior to engaging in harmful actions?  The problem is we spend most of our time mapping out the scheme.  Temporary pleasures appear so appetizing that they numb us to the long-term consequences of poor decisions.  Consider David.  He spent too much time devising an immaculate scheme.  It had multiple layers, and he even thought through concealing the evidence.  David, however, didn’t spend enough time thinking through the consequences.  He paid for it later.

Let’s avoid the mistakes Tiger Woods and King David made.  When temptation baits the hook, think before you bite.  And, here’s a fool-proof question to help you think before you bite: will this decision please God?  If the answer is no, then run in the opposite direction.