Even If You Don’t Have Experience …

If you had a chance to be the president of your country, company, organization, or university, would you seize it?  Although the salary may be enticing, most of us would decline after reading the job description.  Why?  Because we lack experience in the areas of responsibility.  There’s something about opportunities, in which we have no experience, that stifles our best ambitions.  One of the reasons Moses didn’t want to go to Pharaoh was because he lacked public speaking skills.

If you’ve ever been intimidated because you lacked experience, then Mary can relate.  When Gabriel told her she would have a son named Jesus, she said, “But how can this happen?  I am a virgin” (Luke 1:34, New Living Translation).  But Gabriel offered some insight that encouraged me when I read it.  He said, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you …” (Luke 1:35, New Living Translation).  In other words, God can give us “skills” that we didn’t learn in a classroom.

Maybe you’re considering a great opportunity, but your lack of experience has helped you talk yourself out of it.  Let this email be your incentive to pursue it.  With God, anything is possible!  Trust Him to prepare you for the opportunities He provides.