Compassion – Care for Others

This weekend, my friends and I had a great conversation about caring, or showing concern for others. As a result, I searched for some caring quotes. This is what I found: “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” (Leo Buscaglin). This quote summarizes the heart of our conversation. We often miss precious opportunities when we don’t show others how much we care.

Yet again, Jesus emerges from the crowd as our example of compassion; He truly cared for others. If you read the verses included above, you’ll notice that His disciples were content to let the people meet their own needs. But, not Jesus. He was so compassionate that He wanted to meet their spiritual and physical needs. And, what an impact this miracle had! John reports, “When the people saw him do this miraculous sign, they exclaimed, “Surely, he is the Prophet we have been expecting!” (John 6:14, NLT).

Many people have needs. You don’t have to look far; some of them are right in front of you. So, be like Jesus. Have compassion on others. You never know who might acknowledge Christ through your act of kindness.