“Go Forward” – Insight from Moses

Imagine that you’re driving and you approach a sign that says, “Bridge Out.” Would you keep driving? Definitely not, because you realize the imminent danger ahead. Now, consider this. What should you do if God directs you down a path where danger is ahead?

Our natural inclination is to “hit the brakes,” almost like we don’t trust God to continue leading and protecting us. Imagine how the Israelites felt when Moses told them their journey to the Promised Land included a scenic journey through the wilderness. God could have brought them straight to the Promised Land from Egypt, but He chose otherwise.

Exodus 15:22 says that in spite of the difficulty ahead, Moses led the Israelites forward. How could he go forward with such ease, knowing the difficulties that lied ahead? Trust. He trusted God, who brought them out of Egypt, to take them through the wilderness.

When a phase in God’s process looks tedious (“bridge out”), go forward anyway, like Moses and the Israelites. God is faithful. If He brought you out of one thing, He can bring you through another. Trust Him, and go all the way to the promise!