“Keep Your Perspective” – Insight from Peter

How can two people look at the same situation and see totally different things? The answer is simple: perspective, or your outlook on a situation. People with healthy, God-centered perspectives make the best out of the worst situations. People with an unhealthy perspective make triumphant experiences tragic.

In the verse included with the email, Peter lost his perspective. At first, the storm did not hinder his progress. He actually walked right through it. But, when he started focusing more on the storm than Jesus, he started sinking. Long story short, Peter’s perspective determined his altitude. As long as he kept his focus on Jesus, he stayed afloat.

When you’re in those tough places in life, keep your perspective centered on Jesus! Every storm is an opportunity to get closer to Jesus, if you see it that way. Don’t let your trials dictate your perspective; rather, let your perspective dictate your trials.