No Need to Worry

Have you ever worried about something, only to discover God had already handled it? Yesterday, I found out God often handles things before we can worry! I forgot to do something last week and didn’t realize it until I received a phone call yesterday morning. The person with whom I conversed had already resolved the issue by the time he called. During our conversation, he also noted that it was resolved because he had an urge to be productive early yesterday morning. I wonder where that urge came from?

King Hezekiah was well-acquainted with God’s ability to handle our problems. Before he received the encouragement shown in the verses cited above, King Sennacherib from Assyria threatened to destroy King Hezekiah and his kingdom. King Hezekiah feared for his life, but God had a remedy. He would fight for His people, so they had no need to worry!

I’m glad God has a solution for every problem. He’s so awesome that He even knows what we need before we ask. All we have to do is keep our hand in His, and He’ll do the rest. There’s no need to worry!

Thought to Consider:
Have you tried the Great Problem-Solver?